Here are some of the fun, cool, and weird stuff I’ve been fortunate to be a part of. Enjoy!

“Browns’ Fax Machine” (FOX NFL Sunday Promo, 2018)

“Kings of Campus PT. 2” (Webseries, 2011)

“Everyone Needs Saving Sometimes” (Promo - Baywatch The Movie, 2017)

“The ASSistants” (Webisode, 2017) * Watch on Vimeo!

“Sweeten The Victory” (Commercial, 2018)

“Fil Am Voices” (Podcast/Video, 2018)

“Beanie Magic Johnson” (Webseries, 2018)

“Kings of Campus PT. 1” (Webseries, 2011)

“Grandma @ UCB Cagematch” (Improv, 2018)

“Cute…right?” (Sketch, 2016)